“Throughout the years, I have had lecturers, managers, friends, family and even the odd drunk at a bar given me invaluable advice and inspiration. As a mentor, Mark sits at the elusive intersection of all. Mark’s advice exudes years of experience in leadership roles, which would be intimidating if not communicated in such an authentic […]

Agustin Chevez

“Mark has a wonderful way of tapping into your internal compass and shedding light on what you truly value. His charism, humility and frank nature is really unique. I have found it fantastic working with someone who challenges me to be my best self, even if this means going against the expectations of the many.”

Laura Conquer

“No written words can say how thankful I am for everything Mark has done for me over the course of the last year. He has honestly been the best external mentor I have ever had and far exceeded my expectations of what a mentor could be. He listened, guided and challenged me. He encouraged and […]

Laura Glover

“Mark has a real interest in people and how different ways of thinking can empower them to set and achieve career goals. His involvement with local thought leadership groups and dedication to research makes his mentorship not only relevant and insightful, but fun and exciting! Mark has had a huge impact on my career and […]

Matt Sykes

“I first met Mark when I was in my first role out of uni in Melbourne 7 years ago. The fact that someone of his seniority would dedicate time to guide and mentor someone so junior speaks volumes of his character. His infectious quest for innovation and the next thing in business is something I […]

Rochelle Mallett

“I knew I would get a lot out of working with Mark from the moment I met him. His innovative, funny and down to earth approach made our more personal discussions quite relaxed and easy to discuss whilst still maintaining a professional approach. At the end of each session I always walk away with a […]

Tim Reilly