Finding Your Bell!

As I’ve written before in my blogs, and adapting some wise words from Arnold Palmer, “business is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated.” If your revenue is higher than your costs then you make money, simple. But how do you continue to do this in a world that’s full of competition, whilst improving what you do, [...]

Making Space for Leadership

In an ever changing world, conventional leadership seems to be challenged by changes in demographics and culture, as much as digital and physical environments. Can a bricks-and-mortar leadership style survive the digital era?  As technology enables us to work anytime, anywhere, we see companies such as Yahoo and IBM bringing back their distributed workforce, but [...]

Be The Change!

Two months ago on the 7th August I’d been working for 30 years, wow where did that go, and although we all experience leadership aspects of our technical roles, over the past 15 years I’ve grown into true leadership roles and loved every challenge that has been thrown at me. Some have been really tough and [...]