The Bedrock of Leadership

There are endless books, blogs, vlogs and podcasts on what makes a great leader. Trust me I eat up a lot of what’s out there through my Automobile University. I’m also lucky to have been in leadership roles for many years and I believe there is no substitute for real life experience. Learning from success, [...]

Progress – The Unsung Hero

Happy New Year. It’s been two months since my last blog and I thought I’d start the New Year with a subject that hopefully we can all appreciate for the year ahead! It’s a new year and most us will be setting our own personal goals whilst for some of us it’s a new financial [...]

My Automobile University

In The Australian newspaper yesterday, there was an article by Andrew Trounson titled “Bite-sized qualifications ‘the way of the future’” Read Here . It was basically saying that in tomorrow’s world studying long university courses to attain qualifications will no longer be necessary. With a business world moving quickly through a technology driven future, qualifications will become [...]