Leading Through Their Eyes

I recently attended a Creative Mornings talk and saw Dr Addie Wooten, CEO of Smiling Minds, talking about Empathy. It was a fascinating presentation, especially when she showed a video from Brene Brown Watch Here.  In my opinion, to be a great leader you really have to understand what drives people’s decision making and behaviours. [...]

Deep Blue Part 2 – The Glowstick, the Air Sucker and the Sleeping Bag? 

Day 4 arrived, up early for breakfast and the day’s first briefing. We had one more dive that morning to get our open water PADI licence. In the afternoon the choice was another standard dive or to sign up to get our Adventure PADI licence. This meant we would need to learn to go down [...]

Have we lost the value of knowledge?

I recently went to a Clever Happenings talk. These are fascinating talks organized by Dr Jason Fox and sponsored by The Centre for Workplace Leadership, with different speakers every month. Jason is fascinating character and if you get the chance to go to his talks please do. The presenter on this occasion was talking about [...]