Deep Blue Part 2 – The Glowstick, the Air Sucker and the Sleeping Bag? 

Day 4 arrived, up early for breakfast and the day’s first briefing. We had one more dive that morning to get our open water PADI licence. In the afternoon the choice was another standard dive or to sign up to get our Adventure PADI licence. This meant we would need to learn to go down [...]

The Trials and Tribulations of my Left Knee – Part 3: The Double Explosion and the Spanish Inquisition

So Wednesday arrived and all the tubes were taken out. I was given training on my crutches with a full leg plaster and finally discharged with rattling packs of painkillers in my pockets. Once home, I was told to have the next few days off to rest before going back to work. The first night [...]

The Trials and Tribulations of my Left Knee – Part 2: My Florence Nightingale

I went under the knife again. Counting backwards from 10 as the anesthetist instructed. I was out in seconds, and as if by magic, or so it seems, woke up instantly to what can only be described as hell!!! There was turmoil around me as the nurses were waking me. I was being pushed out [...]

The Trials and Tribulations of my Left Knee – Part 1

We all have those events in our lives that, without knowing it at the time, have a huge impact on our future. On a winter Sunday morning in 1998 I had one of those events. ‘Chariots United’, a team I’d built a couple of years before, were playing away from home in Stotfold, Bedfordshire. It’s [...]