The Boy is Back in Town (Figuratively)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted my musings. The LI algorithm probably doesn’t like me as much as it used to as I haven’t been very active so I’m not sure how many of you this will flash up onto your feed for, but I’ve never written for likes, I’ve always written because I have a passion for the subjects I write about and felt that I have something to say and enjoyed getting my experiences down on ‘paper’.

My last job quashed my enthusiasm for writing to be honest, even though it was probably one of my most exciting roles in some ways. And then COVID came along and changed so much about what we do, how we act and even in some cases who we are. It’s tested and affected us all in so many differing ways that we all have stories and learnings to take from our experience of it, both personally and professionally.

But through all of this my head space is back into writing, so I’ve started writing a news series of blogs, some pure leadership, some COVID learnings and experience, but as always all lived through my eyes and experience. So the Boy is Back in Town (I haven’t actually been in the City since March) but it’s such a great Title and track from Thin Lizzy it just seemed fitting

About The Author:


Mark Bray is Director, Mentor and Business Coach with over 30 years’ experience working in the construction industry in the UK, US and Australia.

Marks passion, (His Why), is to inspire people and teams to be better than they believe they can be. Through true leadership, questioning the status quo and as a committed mentor, Mark strives to bring positive change and results of the highest order.

Follow Mark’s updates here at Make One’s Mark and on Twitter @MarkieJBray

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